by Deadends

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Live-recorded at S.T.R.E.S.S.-Studio on May 12th 2014.
Mastered by Vic @ Container.
Artwork by Carina Lex.

Special thanks to KJÖ (kommunistische jugend österreich - young austrian communists) for finanzing this session.


released July 13, 2014




Deadends Graz, Austria

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Track Name: Implications Made by Choice
the everlasting spinning wheel
passed by and only left it's traces
of chances lost and deadend paths
hopes unmet, countless days we've wasted

how long will my feet carry on into the void
with suppressed sight of the horizon of the night

think back and remember the days
when dreams were paved and plans were settled
think back and tell me honestly
would you change just a single second?
of moments of serenity, of every moment we were free

we chased the fastest trains in order to find out
that in the end we were far from being proud
of the implications made by choice
when all the impulses surrendered
that we were caught on someone elses tracks
never meant to be our own

And after countless stations passed by and undiscovered places seen
after years of freely falling, conclusions still reamain the same.
That there's no time for regrets or any doubts at all
while living in these moments.

we got lost on the right way
taking breaths that'll take a lifetime to exhale
time may pass away, the truth remains unchanged
and even if we never thought
but somehow we got older anyway
Track Name: Directions
In all our ways we take
directions everyday. But how can we ever know
which way to go and why
we leave it all behind
and move on to something new?

But hey, there's no need to pull me down this time,
I already managed myself.
And hey, there's no need to be patient with anything
'cause I'm more than content with this.

Somehow you should have known
that I would never let you go
without a bitter taste in my mouth.
But I just couldn't find
the words to tell what's really on my mind
and so I just watched you drive away.

What the hell is wrong with me,
I kind of failed at telling you this.
This little phrase that's on this heart.
I fucked it up right from the start.

See, the directions that we take
they can lead us to everywhere
whereas the place that we've been to
they won't get us anywhere.