Deadends EP

by Deadends

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Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Loudvic @ Kanister


released February 2, 2014

Artwork by Gisi Sauseng



all rights reserved


Deadends Graz, Austria

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Track Name: To The Pavement
There’s something in the air this time, the streets are whispering my name. Still I don’t know what to do, what to do with myself. I’ve been here before so why am I still nervous and waiting for things to happen? It’s the same old story over and over again, just different in circumstances.

But tonight this heart plays a different beat than it did before the days grew shorter and had memories to reclaim. Those times are finally growing old and won’t ever wear me down. The streets are calling me out and, for this I’m sure, the pavement won’t ever let me rest. It won’t ever let me rest before it drags me down, pulls me under and never lets me go.

If you just listen close enough you can hear this heart beating inside this hollow chest, under the color in this skin, behind these fading eyes. Go on read me like a book, I won’t try to wash the words away. Turn the pages, there’s plenty of stories waiting to be written by these hands.
Track Name: Turning Stones Can Be a Huge Mistake
The holes in my shoes are nothing compared to the pieces of mind I'm missing in moments like the ones we've spent. It almost feels like they're dragging a tail of reminders.

As I walk back the path of pictures I kept in my head I find it hard to realize that this much has changed and so much is gone. I'm still so far away from where I wanted to be up to this day but never stuck in faded days. I'm still so far away from where I wanted to be up to this day but I know that they are dead and laid to rest.

And yes it still breaks my heart sometimes to see your fake eyes chasing the easiest way out of it all. Our routines are rattling snakes waiting under every stone that we turn, so just be quick enough to change directions before they get the chance to bite.
Track Name: Fading Minds
Empty shells and rusty nails are all that’s left of the shelter that we would call our future in the days back then. Now everything has changed, our wicked ways have found their dead ends. So far from what we’d thought.

I stopped wondering what you’re doing or how you get along. Didn’t you mean to let hear from you sometime? I wonder what you were thinking or how you got things done. Realizing that I knew it all along.
Seconds and minutes have lost their charades. Hours have buried mistakes I had made. Still stories are hiding in this fading mind. Worn out in colors and broken in time.

It almost seems like somehow we don’t mind becoming strangers once again and in good time. Don’t get me wrong it’s not like we didn’t try, it just seemed to be like we were in the right place but there were wrong times coming.
Track Name: Im Gegenteil und Endeffekt
du hörst das schreien
der verstummten augenblicke
hoffnungslosigkeit aus stahlbeton

ohne weg und ziel
gefangen in der ironie
frei zu sein in einer welt
in der dich eigentlich nichts hält

sag mir kannst du dich noch bewegen
sag mir kannst du überhaupt noch sehn
warum die menschen sich brav setzten
anstelle voller wut aufzustehn

wo sicherheit die phrase ist, durch die man freiheit leicht vergisst
wo alles vor die hunde geht, weil es in deiner bibel steht
wo geld mehr als dein leben zählt, geht es weil es an liebe fehlt
im gegenteil und endeeffekt
den umständen entsprechend schlecht

überall verfolgt
genormt und reguliert
bis jeder kapituliert

tag ein und aus
noch die 10 stunden und dann heim
und dann morgen gleich von neuem
Track Name: Make Your Marks
There was a sign that clearly read: You’re about to make a fucking mistake. But somehow I didn’t see and I just walked past. What’s the point of being smart when your knowledge doesn’t count, what’s the use of knowing things when they are useless after all? So I’m trying to make sense of situations that I found myself in and never out. It’s pathetic and worn out. I never listened to this nagging voice inside my head that said: “You’re doing it wrong, you’re fucking doing it wrong!”

To be honest with this, I’d be lying if I claimed that I’d be something I am not. Sometimes it’s easier to just run around in circles and never look for the truth. But it’s always to be seen. In the bottom of your heart. In the color under your skin. In the blink of your eyes. In the twists of your thoughts and in the alleys of your mind. In the marks that you make. In the scars that you leave. In the wounds that you heal and in the stories they reveal.

Maybe someday I will start to see things for what they really are. But for today let’s just keep this box closed tight. Just do me a favor and stick around tonight.