The Essence Of Every Second

by Deadends

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the everlasting spinning wheel passed by and only left it's traces of chances lost and deadend paths, hopes unmet countless days we've wasted. how long will my feet carry on into the void? with suppressed sight of the horizon of the night. think back and remember the days when dreams were paved and plans were settled. think back and tell me honestly, would you change just a single second? of moments of serenity, of every moment we were free. we chased the fastest trains in order to find out that in the end we were far from being proud of the implications made by choice when all the impulses surrendered. caught on someone elses tracks never meant to be our own. and after countless stations passed by and undiscovered places seen, after years of freely falling, conclusions still remain the same. that there's no time for regrets or any doubts at all while living in these moments. we got lost on the right way. taking breaths that'll take a lifetime to exhale. time may pass away, the truth remains unchanged. and even if we’d never thought somehow we got older anyway.
Hold Fast 02:51
the waves will crash and the tide will rise so take one look back before we’re off to something new. we’ll change directions. you know that this forgotten island has nothing in common with who we used to be. just take a look at the sky, the horizon’s turning grey and i can feel the breath of the oncoming storm breathing its wind into my face. no more silver linings, the first drops are just about to fall. maybe the mast will fall but we set our sails anyway. so hold fast to the ropes, this might be our only chance to get away. just leave behind what’s never been yours, just sail on and stay on course. i think there’s land in sight.
a million thoughts revolving around the all-dominant act of cutting loose all lines that always felt like holding back. but pledged against alternatives and never failed to find reasons justifying years of useless shit. seconds passed merciless and wrote the chronicles of unlived lives, every thought is a brick in the wall of fear and regret. years have passed merciless and wrote the chronicles of unlived lives, the only thing i leave behind. for every door that opens it feels like countless more that shut, staying safely in between, remaining safely undecided. the hallway long, our time so small.
i reached out for hands that never held me tight. as we were slipping into holes waiting to get enlightened. our intentions might have been the same. tied together as long as we couldn´t see each others faces. the tide was in and the sea washed our memories away, together with everything that we had built up so far. i’m starting to lose control over things while trying to seek some self-confidence in empty promises. realising trust was a precondition wasted on someone who threw it all away and decided to go astray. our minds just danced to the same beat but a different song. so we got hold of each other for some time but we came never close enough to listen to the music in our hearts. now i reclaim everything. you are in disguise. we can watch it fall apart. there´s no common ground. the half-light reveals the lies that have been pledged as securities.
Trails 02:41
i’m not touched by all of your accomplishments and by how you save the world ten times a day. because once the lights go out and the last one leaves the stage you trade your capes in for the knives you’ve been trying to hide away. there’s something you’ve been missing out on all along, the bloodstains left a trail back to the doors you were coming from. your prey just got suspicious, vultures are circling up above. you’ve been trying to fool them all too many times. now the ceiling starts to crack. you’re losing ground while holding back the frictions in your mind, the panic in your eyes. while the fractures start to multiply you have nowhere left to hide. don’t try to keep us waiting, don’t try to keep us safe. your lectures aren’t helping we already got out of the cave.
In Theory 03:21
above our heads words of smoke, breathing in the poison that we wish we’d never heard. all the times that we were pretending to accept the load that rests on our shoulders when the theory can't hold the weight of the intentions, promises and great ideals. don't let all these dark hours cross the path of what we wanted to believe. that we can never lose what we don't claim to possess, or did we pave the way to our own abyss? between beauty and regrets smashed on our naive heads running frantic on the line but i’ll be fine. don't forget and don't deny our partnership in crime our love beyond all laws, and we'll be lost. in theory of you and me, parallel lines that met and yet never called ourselves ours. someday our honesty filled eyes breaking the glass of the disguise will accept and realize. that envy shouldn’t be our path away from the old-fashioned thought of the exclusiveness of love. we saw the rain above us and watched it dry frightened hands were shaking still not letting go. risked to fall just to know how it feels to fly and never felt a broken heart beat closer to mine.
where do we look for warmth in these cold hearted times where there’s no empathy to be found in the streets we wander? pale faces and empty stares have become the normality. as strangers rush through the streets they don’t seem to notice that the faster they run the more they fall behind. the rat race never stops and there’s no turning back once you’re in the pit. and while you struggle to keep up the pace you just don’t realize that you’ve been cut off at the knees. time won’t ever be caught. the only thing left to do is to leave everything behind. they never get stopped by the weight of compassion. they’re always looking out for someone they can step on. so if you find someone with ambers in their eyes, never hesitate to be the torch in their lives. take your time and watch the fire spread all over their skin into their hearts. and there’s one thing all the others forget. the fastest ones will be the first to end up in their lonely graves.
when the night starts to fade away fast and hours of sleep turn into hours of thought the weight of the world strikes in order to loosen some anchors. in search of excuses for letting dull moments steal our empathy away, it’s far too easy to lose sight of the essence of every second. some have been carrying their weight over endless miles with only their shadows by their sides to remind them of days of loss. we all have eyes but are still so blind. we all have ears but are still so deaf. we all have beating hearts but still feel numb every once in a while. we should start taking good hard looks into each others eyes. there are fires going on. some of them are torches. some of them are war.
Directions 04:24
in all our ways we take directions everyday. but how can we ever know which way to go and why we leave it all behind and move on to something new? but hey, there's no need to pull me down this time, i already managed myself. and hey, there's no need to be patient with anything cause i'm more than content with this. somehow you should have known that i would never let you go without a bitter taste in my mouth. but i just couldn't find the words to tell what's really on my mind and so i just watched you drive away. what the hell is wrong with me, i kind of failed at telling you this. this little phrase that's on this heart. i fucked it up right from the start. see, the directions that we take they can lead us everywhere whereas the places we have been, they won't get us anywhere.
as nightskies line up before our eyes i’m dying to stop the sand from running down the hourglass. well maybe it’s just the constant lack of sleep that lets the blood rush into my head every time your eyes hit mine. it’s those stereotype situations which make us feel so insecure although we’ve nothing left to lose after all. and so we spill our guts all over the place hidden behind ironic smiles and standard lines, still hoping that somehow they’ll be noticed. so keep me in your thoughts and down the sun. you don’t need light to see who i really am. if you have the eyes for the heart that i have, i don’t give a fuck about daytime at all.


released on Fond Of Life Records


released December 2, 2016

all songs writen, recorded & mastered by DEADENDS. artwork by FINSTERKRAM.


all rights reserved



Deadends Graz, Austria

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