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Rebel Songs In Minor Key

by Deadends

  • Record/Vinyl + Digital Album

    'DEADENDS - Rebel Songs In Minor Key' on Vinyl in a full colour inside out Cover on heavy art stock.

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    - Black 180g Vinyl
    - Cristallo & Black Marble 180g Vinyl

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Toxin 03:16
Bold words create reality hidden behind the blunt irony. And I trust that your lacking intention exceeds capability to reflect on how you are what you don’t want to be, by feeding the ambers of bigotry. ´Between disgust and shame of being one of your kind. You've got nothing to lose if ambitions are honest, there is nothing to fear by opinions challenged. Yet we're stuck in another pointless discussion of bullshit disguising as wit provocation. If we are in the same boat, I'll prepare myself to drown all together with a world that long has outlived its regime. When did the scene become so safe? When did we start to allow all the bullshit without consequence? Maybe this scene has become too safe for bigoted machos, for sexists with beards and tats. I praise the brave souls that will never surrender while I'm stuck in disgust, being ashamed of my gender. There is an antidote to every toxin and I'm counting every male tear on our way to get healed.
How many times will I be left with it and what’s it all about? The question still rings in my head. Counting minutes ‘til they’re dead, forgotten and fading. What a bitter way to waste time. Paranoia’s working its way straight into this brain, gripping tight on every clear thought. I hold still while insanity takes control and rips away everything I could hold on to. Wake me up and shut me down, and take me around the corner down the street we used to hang. Our talks were different back then, we were lacking the anxiety that keeps the passion in isolation. Who am I to think that I could stop the outright downfall? Some battles are just not meant to be won. But when it’s time to anchor in, ignore the facts and fire away there’s a way to take this on. No way to tell which way the wind will blow these days and I’m growing tired to even care. I need something to ignite, to flare up and feed the fire and so I light the path with good intentions, better excuses and the realization when to use them. How many times have I been drifting, what was it all about? The echo still rings in my head. Counting minutes ‘til it’s gone, forgotten and fading. There’s no better way to waste time. Vision is working its way straight into this brain, gripping tight on every clear thought. The time I live on is just borrowed and I’ll make sure to stick around when the repository runs empty. I can feel the pull of my recourse pin my feet back to the ground.
These green-washed hands, keep pouring out the mud and yet another fraud, carried through just to remain on top. Inexorably and regardless of the loss, leaving everyone behind. Fetching up while feeding the voracious greed, revealing their parasitic side. These dinosaurs will never die even though it’s five to twelve. Well-briefed hypocrites shaping the modern industry. Fueling the fire and calming the waves just to evoke another peerless, devastating thunderstorm. Through the ages, we’ve been burning into the earth.
I take a deep breath and silently make the air freeze in the dusk. Soon the night will swallow whole the remaining traces of these days tearing at my seams. Far away, listen closely and hear this place calling my name. Far away, I shut my eyes and I’m nowhere to be found. When the torch is flickering and I’m afraid that it might die the path just seems so small. In the remains of the beam the shadows seem so tall until I make ‘em mine. But it’s all just brewed with water and chains are known to break. To every downside there’s a weak spot offering the chance to escape.
Tongue Tied 03:20
These words could be so beautiful, these words could be so true. Just one last breath and I will make the curtain fall. You've seen my best and I have shown the parts that make me shine but won't make up for everything to find behind my inexpressive lines. All heavy thoughts I‘ve never said that led these vulnerable feet into the cold nights of regret. Tongue tied, mind blinded, open eyes wide shut. Stuck inside this shell, never to come out. Lowering my self defence seems harder than to carry the weight of all the masks to fool the ones that truly worry. These words could be so beautiful, these words could be so true. But tonight, there won't be another excuse no apology that suits. Too afraid that hollow hearts might burst through chests that have unlearned to scratch dust of irrelevance off topics we fail to address.
Faces passing by just like raindrops running down a dirty window. Restless like leaves on the ground they’re trying to find their way home. Is it a place soon to be found? Are you trying to make your way home? I’m an outlaw to this world, free to go wherever the wind blows. I’m a bandit to time, taking mine and giving nothing back. I’m a killer to doubt, taking the space it would need to exist. I’m a blind man to reality. Let’s just see how long the illusion resists. There’s change in the air above these concrete streets. Unwillingly strangers create a dance around responsibilities. Will you one day join me on my watch? Let’s just end the world for a while.
Just mundane. What feels like deceleration has never been my own decision but a necessity. Years of chorusing all rage can make the loudest voices fade. When I’m imagining my sandcastles, I scale them to the chance that a newfound realism took in exchange for all my dreams. Has this mind lost focus has it gone too far, to uniform to recall times setting fire just to keep somebody warm? But our rebel songs persist even when sung in minor key, with our voices resonating in the choir of yesterday. Asking how I could forget about the promises you made that if I kept you warm, you'd always keep me wild? Lead my fingers drawing places that rest deep in our hearts in the colours that we've made up, drinking tea, counting stars. Read me stories that we've yet to live when all big words fail. Let me recall our ideals and fight for them tooth and nail. Day by day, convenient, occupied, and insignificant. Year by year, indifferent, factual, or merely dead? But gazing into eyes of ambers, howling to the sweet melodies that carried masses confidently through the streets make me shout out every rebel song, sung in minor key, because your warmth has made me wilder than I've been.
I don’t feel like talking because everything’s already been said. I don’t feel like answering to phrases being anyone’s guess. They all lack conviction. Give me something to hold on to, because lately I’ve been finding it hard to grip. Always looking somewhere for reasons, ghosts and demons draining all the sense out of this. Never getting me anywhere. There have been enough stop signs and roadblocks, with the shifter being stuck in reverse. Well, maybe it’s time to get real but that’s something I’m not used to. I hear ghosts, they’re talking to me at night. And before you even notice they’ll disappear just like lightning bugs before the first light of day. I hear ghosts, they’re talking to me at night. But I just can’t understand the things they are telling and so I keep my ears close to the ground. Give me something to relate to because lately I’ve been finding it hard to grip. It feels kind of lonely in my company, I know. But I got my reasons, ghosts and demons, lately they’ve been trying to get the best of me.
Don’t want to leave this room today. Mesmerized by a virtual exhibition of paranoia on the streets. It just seems so easy to feel concerned right now, people denying the facts, spreading hatred and disbelief. A message to the masses, full of poisoned ideas. A tinderbox, ready to go off. When did our inner trust get so messed up? There’ll be no vaccine in this global scenery: a contagious disease of conspiracy theories. Everything that has been learned got washed away, anxiety’s slowly creeping up. Sometimes it’s hard to keep control and in the end, offenders become their own worst enemies.
Barriers 02:32
we shared so many moments, we shared so many thoughts, a tie stronger than the thick bond of our blood. a union of brothers, that slowly broke apart, striving on different paths, creating space between our hearts. Artificial barriers imaginary walls. Deflecting our true intentions. Not yet to overcome, where did we go so wrong? Lost so far from home. A lifetime of exploring, the dead ends of our minds, of what we took for granted, learning to miss all that we've had. Let's tear down every obstacle, escaping the distress. I can forgive if you can forget. It’s time to overcome. Embrace from where we started from. Find our way back home.
Somehow it takes a retrospective view, for counting all the bruises that we gained. All these bloody efforts in an everlasting race, that didn’t lead anywhere at all, and a lifetime’s ambition lately turned out to be a cage. A great disarray in a pleasant scheme, that has always been intended to last for eternity. But we’ll never thrive on an average idea of what we’re all longing for until we ride for a fall. This wasn’t good enough for me, just a habit to endure. But our comfort in its essence never meant to be the cure. There ain’t no thrill in making do with what we have. Incapable to illuminate what’s really in our hearts, always on the run, chasing shadows in the sun, until we burn down to the ground. Until we ride for a fall! In a pursue of deceit, it just felt like so much more. Every second in its essence, shaped our habit to endure.


Released on Fond of Life Records (fondoflife.bandcamp.com).


released May 6, 2022

All songs writen, recorded & mastered by DEADENDS.
Artwork by Ren Aldridge (@ren_behaving_badly) & Tom.


all rights reserved



Deadends Graz, Austria


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